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Testimonials & Thank Yous

"Always knew he was a champ - even if just a champ coach like myself." Coach Charlie "Doc" Speidel, Penn State University - Ray's college coach.


"I would like to congratulate you on a great coaching career. You are truly one of the greatest high school coaches I have had the opportunity to work with. I know you have had a great influence on hundreds of young wrestlers. Your coaching will be missed. May your non-coaching years be as successful as your years as a coach." - Bruce Baumgartner


"In athletics, two things are important...the number of lives you touch and the number of meets you that order. Rare is the individual who can do both well. Ray Nunamaker is such an individual and our sport and our world is the richer for having known him." - Jack Spates


"Coach Nunamaker taught wrestling and the value of working toward our goals. He is a great leader who demanded respect and got it." - Mike Frick,  Nazareth HS Assistant Coach 1994 & 1995, NCAA Division I Champion 1975 (Outstanding Wrestler) and 1976

“From the perspective of the Likins family, you always set the highest standards of competitive excellence without sacrifice of proper values…beginning with integrity.”
Peter Likins, President, University of Arizona, former President Lehigh University

“After getting the job at North Carolina State University, I still can recall my first recruiting stop at Nazareth high school and your help and advice in recruiting two of your wrestlers. I’ll never forget when you and I would stay long after everyone else left the mats at summer camp to work on technique….I would personally like to thank you for your help and friendship over the years.”
Bob Guzzo, Former Head Coach, North Carolina State University

“You served the community of Nazareth so well over the years. However, you also had a tremendous impact on making the Lehigh Valley the best high school wrestling area in the country. You were always one to give advice to a young coach or wrestler from another program and to share ideas with your colleagues. There are the reasons why you are admired and respected by so many people in the wrestling communities throughout the country.”
Bob Ferraro, Executive Director, National High School Coaches Association

“I owe a lot to Mr. Nunamaker and so do many other wrestlers from the years past. His hard work and positive attitude allowed many people to push through difficult obstacles and become champions.”
Travis Doto, Nazareth High School, PIAA State Champion 1995 and Lehigh University, NCAA All-American 2000


On Ray's "Inside the Nazareth Wrestling Room"

“What a great opportunity to get inside the wrestling room and observe the daily grind in developing a first class program – a unique opportunity! I have not seen anything like this – much more than a technique video. Any coach (elementary, club, junior, senior high or college) will benefit from this program. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to make practices more productive.”
John Fritz, Penn State University, Head Wrestling Coach (retired)

“After watching your tapes on “Inside the Nazareth Wrestling Room”, I am duly impressed with the organization and presentation of the product. The coaching methods and implementation are precise and easily understood. All phases of how to run a successful program, including proper weight control, fund raising, setting goals, and philosophies are clearly covered. The presentation format of the video tape is much easier to understand than a book, and it’s the closest thing to actually being at the practice sessions.”
Tom Canty, East Ramapo HS, member New York State Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame

“We, staff and myself, have much appreciated the opportunity to view a superb wrestling program in the actual process of developing its competitors, and that’s surely a fine set of competitors that you folks at Nazareth developed…As my own career winds down, you make me realize I have not been as wise as yourself in that I did not conceive to leave behind a vast film record of training methods –you are to be commended and thanked by all who will witness and benefit.”
John Allen, Seton Hall Prep, coach of Mike Caruso, 3x NCAA Champion, Lehigh University