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The Rivalry 1988-89

Christmas City Tournament

Nazareth wins over Northampton 225 to 209. The two teams put 11 in the finals and 6 in the consolation finals.

Nazareth defeats Easton 30-20, Northampton defeats Easton 29-25.

Nazareth defeats Liberty 56-0, Northampton defeats Liberty 44-17.

Nazareth defeats Parkland 46-9, Northampton defeats Parkland 42-21

Phillipsburg defeats Nazareth 30-29, Phillipsburg defeats Northampton 26-24, Phillipsburg defeats Parkland 31-27, and Easton defeats Phillipsburg 30-17


Nazareth vs. Northampton

Nazareth defeats Bangor for Ray's 300th career coaching victory the Wednesday before Saturday's showdown with Northampton.

The Morning Call preview of Nazareth vs. Northampton by Ted Meixell:

Super Bowl? Phooey! Who needs it?

If you live within reach of these words and if you're a wrestling fan, you know doggone well what I mean.

Tonight, right here in the Lehigh Valley - up in Northampton's "Kid Dome" - we will have our own Super Bowl. Actually, it's the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Indy 500 and the Kentucky Derby all wrapped up in one package: the dual meet between the host K-Kids and the visiting Nazareth Blue Eagles.

This will be the fourth of six matches in the round robin involving the area's four wrestling powers - Northampton, Nazareth, Phillipsburg and Easton. And, from this corner at least, it promises to be the best and most exciting of them all.

It's a dream matchup between two clubs featuring masterful coaches - the Kids' Don Rohn and the Blue Eagles' Ray Nunamaker - and lineups dotted with stars and superstars.

The first five batters in Northampton's batting order - Chad Billy, Rian Youwakim, Mike Recker, Don Suranofsky and Mike Laury - boast a combined record of 74-5-1. Youwakim, along with 171 pounder Kevin Smith, is unbeated and untied.

You can get some idea of how good this dual promises to be merely by considering the fact that, if Nunamaker makes the line-up switches some (at least this one guy) expect, Youwakim will be the underdog. That will be the case, of course, if defending state champion Brad Silimperi drops to 112 for the first time to face "Wak".

If the top of the Kids' order is awesome, the middle of the Eagles' - Preston Moritz, Dan Madson, Ross Nunamaker and Mike Miller - is only a tad behind. That foursome comes into action with a combined 54-8-1 - and what has to be particularly worrisome to Rohn is that it hits his club right where it's weakest. Thus the potential for bonus points in that range is great.

Nazareth defeats Northampton 28-22 for Ray's 301st career coaching victory, prior to the match the team writes 301 on the bottom of their sneakers heel to toe so everyone in the gym would see it when they circled up after warm-up in the middle of the mat. Thanks to Todd Killino, you can watch the match on YouTube here and see thesecond half plus the interview of Ray by Twin County Sports' Gary Laubauch and Scott Barr.

Brad Silimperi put the Eagles in a great position with a second period fall of Rian Youwakim and Mike Herceg followed that up with an 18-11 win over Don Suranofsky. Even with those big wins it wasn't until Jack Kapanka defeated Mike Manning at 171 by major decision that the Blue Eagles could feel confident in the win.

From Ted Meixell in the Morning Call (note these are excerpts not the entire article):

Neither winning coach Ray Nunamaker, who picked up his 300th career victory Wednesday but admitted, "No. 301 was much sweeter," nor Northampton's Don Rohn, though, would admit later to feeling the outcome had been settled by the one-third mark - although both acknowledged that, in the final analysis, 112 and 125 had been the keys.

"No," Nunamaker said, "I didn't feel we had it wrapped up until Kapanka won. Sure, I thought we were sitting pretty, but Don and I think alike, and I knew exactly what he was thinking, And then we got slowed down in the middle."

"I was concerned, let's put it that way," Ray Nunamaker said. "I thought Kapanka could handle Manning, but I was afraid of that famed Northampton Cement Job. One bad move and..."

"But, Brad and Mike did super jobs. Brad's been down with that injured shoulder, and he's not really in wrestling shape yet. And against a kid as tough as Youwakim.."

"And Mike Herceg has been just super lately, and he came through again."

In closing, Ray Nunamaker said, "A great bunch of kids. I know I may say this every year, but the other day I told them that I think they're one of the very best teams I've ever had."

After 26 years and 301 wins that's saying a lot.

Rohn's closing remark was just as interesting. "If there's one consolation to this loss - and it's not much of one, that's for sure - but, for the last two years, the loser of this dual meet was the District XI champion. Let's hope THAT holds up."


103Ryan NunamakerChad Billy1-6112Brad SilimperiRian YouwakimFall 3:53119Todd KillinoMike Recker3-8125Mike HercegDon Suranofsky18-11130Mike JaskowiecMike Laury11-26135Preston MoritzSteve Moyer6-4140Dan MadsonAlan Hartzell11-5145Ross NunamakerRob Davies8-0152Mike MillerShane Warner16-1160Jon ShimerBrian Chamberlain3-8171Jack KapankaMike Manning10-2189Scott McEntireKevin Smith16-7HWTAnthony SilimperiMike Reenock15-6

JV Score: Nazareth 42, Northampton 18