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Ray Nunamaker's Inside the Nazareth Wrestling Room

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During what turned out to be Ray Nunamaker's final season as the head coach of the Nazareth Blue Eagles, he recorded every practice and later edited the material and added commentary to produce a unique wrestling video series titled, "Ray Nunamaker's Inside the Nazareth Wrestling Room."

It has been 20 years since that season. He sold many of the five VHS tape series that addressed how to structure and run practice, weight control, coaching tips, conditioning, weight lifting, and the mental aspect of the sport. The tapes were at some point converted to DVD. Earlier this year, I converted the DVD files to a format that could be viewed online. The final result is not ideal and there are some instances where the image freezes, but the audio is fine and then the video kicks in again, but overall the message of the original has been maintained.

I talked to the family to see if they were okay with open-sourcing this by posting it online for anyone to watch and we all agreed 20 years later it was fine to do.

So this page is going to serve as a launching point to the series. The video clips will be uploaded to YouTube and I'll create a sub-page here for each one. On each sub-page will be information about the clip that was previously contained in a PDF that accompanied the series.

As videos are uploaded, I'll add a page for that video clip.

Here is what my dad wrote about the series:

One of the most important aspects of the videos is that they show the sequence of moves that should be covered to get ready for the beginning of the season. As the season progresses you will see that the emphasis shifts to 'overlearning' basic technique rather than teaching a wide variety of moves. Finally, you will see how much importance is placed on the mental aspect of coaching, which I call 'The Circle of Success.'

I've put a lifetime of effort (34 years) into developing a successful wrestling program at Nazareth High School. I believe that effort translates into a formula for winning that everyone can use.

Watch the Series

Currently available video clips are listed below. These links go to a page on this site that outlines the content of the video along with a link to the video. The outlines include the full practice schedule for each day:

  1. DVD 1-Part 1
  2. DVD 1-Part 2
  3. DVD 1-Part 3
  4. DVD 1-Part 4
  5. DVD 1-Part 5
  6. DVD 1-Part 6
  7. DVD 1-Part 7
  8. DVD 2-Part 1
  9. DVD 2-Part 2
  10. DVD 2-Part 3
  11. DVD 2-Part 4
  12. DVD 2-Part 5
  13. DVD 2-Part 6
  14. DVD 2-Part 7