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Probably Should Have Posted Earlier

on Mon, 02/29/2016 - 21:24

I have had several posts about Ironwood Ridge and their recognition of dad, but I'd be remiss if I didn't note how much support we have gotten from Nazareth as well. It seems obvious, but in looking at my blog posts I felt a little guilty to not outright mention it.

The team website honors him both with his initials in the header and a photo gallery (you can visit it here).

As Jim Karch pointed out to me at last year's wrestling alumni night, "they don't just go around naming gyms after people" after I noted he didn't really see himself as being different than other people and while I had heard so many stories about him, I underestimated his impact as well.

Alexa and I sat with a bunch of the "old-timers" at the Holiday Tournament and had a great time talking to them as we watched. When we attended home matches this season (though there were far to few and not very good ones) everyone was so genuine and thoughtful in their words of support.

Coach Crowell and I have had a few conversations and email exchanges and I couldn't be more thankful for those. He shared some things with me that meant a lot and I couldn't have asked for anything better when he's been asked about dad.

At the District XI AAA Championships on Saturday night, Nazareth did an outstanding job finishing as the top public school team, finishing behind Bethlehem Catholic for 2nd overall. And before the finals there was a moment of silence for dad, which had to have been hard on both Alexa and Ryan, as well as his kids who dad worked with when he was home in December.

Alexa and I will be going to Regional Quarterfinals this Friday and I got our tickets for State semi-finals next Saturday. We'll be cheering for all our boys in Blue and White, as well as Ryan's Trojans, Matt's Mounties, and Brad's (no idea their nickname) kids from Council Rock South.