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More News from Arizona

on Tue, 02/16/2016 - 01:39

I had a chance to see some more posts and comments from the Ironwood Ridge team (the team dad helped coached in AZ) and wanted to share them here.

If you look closely in addition to the starting line-up and coaches at the very bottom it says "Season Dedicated to Coach Ray Nunamaker".

Patrick Klass', 126 pounds, mother Dori posted, "Coach Ray WAS absolutely their inspiration!!!"

She included this photo of her son with dad's jacket, writing, "Patrick Klass with Coach Ray's jacket!"


I also found this great article on Coach Tim Berrier from the Arizona Daily Star's (read it here). Reading this I understood why he and my dad got along together so well. Berrier went to Iowa State, my dad Penn State.  They both changed their career direction at the advice of a trusted mentor, and became teachers and coaches. They both coached many years, while dad was at one school, Berrier did so at several. And maybe most similarly, Tim's son is quoted as saying, "“I’m proud to call this guy my dad. He never coaches just the sport; he teaches life lessons.”

Yeah, I think they were on the same page.