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Happy (Belated) Easter

on Mon, 03/28/2016 - 17:59

Happy belated Easter!

Today is eight months since dad passed away, and on Good Friday it was three since we lost Joe Drust.

It was a good weekend and one I know both dad and Joe would have enjoyed with us.

Alexa and I were following the Flo Nationals action and very proud of having two champions from Nazareth in Sammy Sasso and Travis Stefanik. Ironwood Ridge, where dad volunteered, also had two placewinners. Then on Saturday, Ironwood Ridge's Danny Vega won at the Pittsburgh Classic by major decision over Gage Curry, who wrestled, amazingly, at North Hills, dad's high school (he actually went to West View, but the schools since merged) and where he was inducted into their Sports Hall of Fame in 2001.

On Saturday my younger daughter and a friend spent most of the day helping at our church for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. The only other non-adult helping was my wife's cousin's daughter. One of the things I love about living in a small town is the fact that not only was the other person family, but my daughter's friend lives up the street and we went to school with both her parents and her uncle was a teammate. Comforting to know they are friends and have like values.

We had an early Easter celebration with my mom, Joe's wife Carole, my brother and my girls later that night. Ate too much, but had a very enjoyable evening.

On Sunday, my younger daughter attended Sunday school, while our older daughter was there as a teacher (she was asked after confirmation by another teacher, she agreed to do it, and it has been a very good experience for her. The teacher's husband was actually one of my HS match teachers and taught for years with my dad).

We then went to church and along with my in-laws had some very good friends nearby during the service. Following more ham and food at my wife's aunt and uncle's house we returned home for dinner with my in-laws and brother. 

Come Monday, there was no want of food, but we did have flowers sponsored for my dad and Joe and I took them to their respective cemetaries, which are not very far from one another at all, nor from our home.


It was a good weekend, but it all remains a bit surreal.