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The Circle of Success

on Mon, 01/30/2017 - 19:21

Anyone who wrestled for my dad in his last ten seasons or thereafter, would remember his Circle of Success. Amazingly, when my brother went to NC State he entered his room and found an acrylic rendition of it. His roommate's father had seen it (likely from this article in USA Today), had it made and gave it to his son (if I remember correctly, they were from Florida, a bit of a distance from PA, particularly in the days before social media).

I found this video of my dad talking to his team about it. Interestingly, the Chris he mentions is Chris Vitale and Rob, is Rob Rohn, both attended Lehigh and became All-Americans. I added some photos and a song. I tried to get all of his state finalists in and think I came pretty close. Enjoy!

Here is the article from USA Today that appeared on the front of the sports section.