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7 Months Later...

on Mon, 02/29/2016 - 00:20

Today marks seven months since dad passed away. My wife, Jill and I went up to the cemetary today. It is a really beautiful place looking out to the east, downhill.

He would have enjoyed this weekend. Our daughter Alexa finished her HS chess career bringing home gold at the individual tournament. Her team won three division titles in four years with her playing top board.

On Friday, Alexa and I went to the District XI wrestling tournament. Parkland always sits across from Nazareth within the area of Northampton, and we sat with the team. After the quarterfinals we had a few opportunities to sit and talk with my brother (who coaches Parkland). Parkland had a tough season with some injuries to key wrestlers, but Nazareth did well. While we were at the wrestling, the Nazareth Girls' Basketball team won their 2nd straight District XI title. 

Dad was a major sports fan and he always took an interest in his students, he would have been very proud of that team and their accomplishments to date.

On Saturday, we had an early celebration of my younger daughter's birthday. She had three friends over and we went bowling with my mom. The kids played, we watched. Alexa and a friend got their before us, because they were heading over to the medal rounds of District wrestling.

We had a lot of fun and dad would have loved being there to help coach the girls with their bowling, because he couldn't resist helping when he saw a need (and there was a need;-).

At the Districts they had a moment of silence for him, which was very nice. Had to have been hard on Alexa and Ryan.

Alexa had a great time, Nazareth had a great tournament finishing number 2 overall and top public school. A friend's son won his first District title as a junior and that was awesome as well.

Parkland did well finishing top 5, but it was a rough season and tournament. Stroudsburg, coached by one of dad's wrestlers, finished 9th and had a champion who set the record for school wins and is on track to be the first state champion from Monroe County.

All of these things are what I miss most sharing with dad.