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1964-65 Season

2nd Season 9-3 (15-7 career record);

Captain Tom Konya

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Nazareth again defeated Easton, this time 32-18.

Tom Fehr, competing at 127 pounds, becomes Ray's first District XI champion, winning by referee's decision over Craig Roberts of Wilson. He goes on become a regional runner-up, but only the champions advance to states.

"Future coaching rivals Ray Nunamaker and Charlie Bartolet, Jr. each made their initial appearances in the final round. Tom Fehr made a winner of Coach Nunamaker, but Bartolet would have to wait for success. His wrestler John Hari, lost by forfeit." Wrestling Country by Scott Barr.

Dual Meet Results:

  • Nazareth 12; Northampton 32
  • Nazareth 32; Easton 18
  • Nazareth 17; Phillipsburg 26
  • Nazareth 13; Hellertown 26
  • Nazareth 29; Parkland 19
  • Nazareth 25; Bethlehem 18
  • Nazareth 32; East Stroudsburg 15
  • Nazareth 36; Whitehall 8
  • Nazareth 26; Wilson 16
  • Nazareth 47; Palisades 5
  • Nazareth 37; Southern Lehigh 3
  • Nazareth 47; Salisbury 3

Individual Records:

  • Carl Peters: 0-1
  • Dan Keen: 1-3
  • Bob Gross: 4-1
  • Lou Frisch: 3-0
  • Jim Hahn: 7-3
  • Tony Laurito: 0-1
  • Jerry Hahn: 1-7-1
  • Bob Bowers: 3-0
  • Dave Peters: 5-6-1
  • Frank Laurito: 3-3-1
  • Tom Fehr: 7-3-2
  • Tom Konya: 9-3
  • Ricky Metz: 10-2
  • Bruce Stimmel: 8-2-1
  • Ron Klein: 8-3-1
  • Carmen Pezzuto: 9-2
  • John Scobo: 5-3-1
  • Jerry Schweitzer: 0-2
  • Charles Brown: 0-2
  • Gail Smith: 1-1
  • Andy Cawthon: 0-3
  • Chuck Zurowski: 1-0

District semi-finalists include: Tom Konya, Bruce Stimmel, Carmen Pezzuto, and Tom Fehr.

Carmen Pezzuto had the 4th (10) most dual meet pins and 4th (85) most dual meet points in school history at graduation.

Ray Nunamaker's "Summary of the 1964 - 65 Nazareth Wrestling Program:

The opportunity to come before the Athletic Council and discuss the progress and recommendations for the betterment of the wrestling program is something for which I am grateful and something which I hope will be continued in future years.

Summary of Last Year's Innovations

  1. Resilite Wrestling Mat. The new wrestling mat was a tremendous boost to our program. Not only was it easier to andle, but I feel it was much safer. I don't remember one injury resulting from a blow against the mat. However, the practice side of the mat has been subjected to considerable wear. It is used by the varsity team, intramural team, and the regular physicial education classes. In order to preserve the life of the mat, I feel it will be necessary to cover it next year with our old plastic mat cover.
  2. 3 sets of weights. The weights were used this year for a period of approximately eight weeks before wrestling season began. They were used in a regular weight training program, 3 days a week, under my direction. A weight training program will again be conducted this spring.
  3. Assistant Coach. I was well pleased with the choice of Joe Drust as wrestling assistant. He assisted with the varsity team and conducted the intramural program in the junior high school. Dennis Krauss also assisted in wrestling for the entire season. He was used mainly as a calisthenics coach when we divided the squad into two parts. HIs assistance was invaluable.
  4. Junior High Program. THere were 22 active participants. The lenght of the program was from December 27, 1964, until February 17, 1965. Instruction sessions were held on Thursdays and Saturdays at the senior high school. One scrimmage was held with Phillipsburg on January 9, 1965. An intramural tournament was conducted in which participants were grouped according to weights. Eliminations were held and the finals were conducted on February 17, 1965, prior to the varsity match with Salisbury. Five (5) trophies were presented to the winners of the weight classes. The trophies were donated by the Varsity "N" Club.

Evaluation and Recommendations on the Junior High Program

The junior high program was on aspect of the total program which seemed to remain at a standstill. The number of participants remained approximately the same as the previous year. If the varsity team is going to remain strong, the junior high program must be more highly developed.

There were several reasons why I feel the progress lagged:

  1. The wrestling room was never fully completed and was only operational at the latter part of the season.
  2. The fact that Mr. Drust taught in the elementary school and did not have a personal contact with junior high students. It should improve next year as the 6th grade students become junior high students and Mr. Drust will have more influence on them.
  3. The absence of wrestling in the junior high physical education classes. The number of boys that participate would definitely increase if they had some form of introduction to the sport.

What can be done!

  1. A promotional film has been developed which demonstrates fundamental moves, scoring, training procedures, and live action from the Nazareth - Wilson meet. Sound will be dubbed in by means of a tape recorder. It is hoped that if this movie is shown to the junior high before a call for candidates is made, it will encourage more boys to participate in the sport.
  2. To maintain interest I feel that three or four scrimmages should be established with other schools on an informal basis.
  3. The completion of the wrestling room in the junior high school.
  4. Better promotion

Senior High Program

Summary of Program. There were approximately 68 candidates out for varsity wrestling this year, a decrease of seven participants from last year. However, at the end of the year there were still 41 men on the squad as compared to only 32 last year.

The number of participants is definitely increasing and the problem now becomes one of handling the increase. A look at the size of the squad for the last two years will give you an indication of its growth.

1963-64 5, 5, 16, 5 (senior to freshman)

1964-65 6, 15, 14, 5 (senior to freshman)

A parents' night was held before the first match. At this time training rules and final elimination bouts were held. Approximately 200 parents and friends attended. Each boy's parents were given personal invitations by means of a letter.

At the orientation meeting for wrestlers, regulations were passed out to prospective members of the team.

Printed programs were provided at most of the home matches.

Specific Recommendations for the Senior High Wrestling Program:

  1. Fifteen new varsity uniforms including warm-up jackets
  2. Establishment of a 9th grade team to provide competition for more participants
  3. Some means of controlling heat in the wrestling room
  4. Extension of complimentary tickets to parents of varsity wrestlers
  5. Permission to attend National Wrestling Coaches Clinic at Wildwood or Tuschers Clinic at New York
  6. Discussion on payment of medical bills for boys who got impetigo (4)
  7. Possibility of putting a chinning bar in the wrestling room.
  8. Saturday morning recreation program for 5th and 6th grade students (wrestling)
  9. Weight-training devises requested by Jim Evanko
  10. Attend Lehigh match as a team
  11. Possibility of a Jr. High Day, in which Jr. High students would be admitted free to a meet in which we felt would be a poor draw.
  12. Tickets for wrestlers at basketball game, because they get out too to late to buy tickets, or stand in line.