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1963-64 Season

1st Season, 6-4 (6-4 career record); Captains Lon Werner and Tom Rinker

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In his debut season Ray Nunamaker coached the Nazareth Blue Eagles to only their second winning season in program history (begun in 1949-50).

From the 1964 Comet Yearbook:

Under the leadership of their new coach, Mr. Raymond Nunamaker, former Penn State wrestling star, the Blue Eagle wrestlers finished a successful season. The Eagles finishing 2nd in the league, had 4 wins and 2 losses in league competition, and 6 wins and 4 losses in over-all competition.

Coach Nunamaker attributes their success to the team's desire to win, seven returning lettermen, and a fresh crop of underclassmen, who, as the season progressed, acquired the experience that makes good competitors.

Although the team will lose 6 seniors - Jim Herceg, Lon Werner, Thomas Rinker, Greg Brock, Lawrence Lopresti, and Allen Muth-many promising underclassmen are ready and eager to fill their places.

Also in the Yearbook:

Carmen Pezzuto, a semi-finalist in the District XI wrestling tournament, held the best reocrd of the Blue Eagle matmen with eight wins and two losses. He was defeated by Ernest Schoeneberger of Bethlehem, who has qualified for the state eliminations.

Carmen, a junior, will be expected to lead the Nazareth Grapplers to a new and better season in next year's competition.

The first dual meet of the Nunamaker era saw the Blue Eagles defeat perennial power Easton 33-26. They then lost four in a row (Phillipsburg, NJ, Hellertown, Parkland, & Bethlehem) before winning five to finish the season 6-4.

Dual Meet Results:

  • Nazareth 33 Easton 26
  • Nazareth 16 Phillipsburg 38
  • Nazareth 20 Hellertown 26
  • Nazareth 24 Parkland 28
  • Nazareth 2 Bethlehem 40
  • Nazareth 48 East Stroudsburg 3
  • Nazareth 41 Whitehall 3
  • Nazareth 26 Wilson 24
  • Nazareth 35 Palisades 11
  • Nazareth 38 Southern Lehigh 12

Ken Herceg ('88) recalls his father Jim ('64) telling him, "Ray's first season in Nazareth was not a big deal and apparently the team was not used to working hard at practice. This was unacceptable to Coach Nunamaker and one day, using a bit of reverse psychology, Ray stormed out of practice and told the team to come and get him when they were ready to train like champions. The guys looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and went home."

Team Outstanding Wrestler Award: Jim Herceg

District XI Semi-finalist: Carmen Pezzuto.

Individual Records:

  • Jim Hahn: 6-4
  • Bob Gross: 3-4
  • Allen Muth: 1-0
  • Lou Frisch: 0-1
  • Kirk Diehl: 0-1
  • Andy Cawthon: 1-2
  • Dave Peters: 1-2
  • Frank Laurito: 2-2
  • Greg Brock: 2-7
  • Charles Brown: 0-1
  • Tom Fehr: 6-3
  • John Davis: 0-1
  • Tom Konya: 7-3
  • Ricky Metz: 3-2
  • Larry Lopresti: 4-1
  • Gail Smith: 0-1
  • Bruce Brong: 0-1
  • Lon Werner: 4-4-2
  • Tom Rinker: 4-5
  • Ron Klein: 4-4
  • Jim Herceg: 7-3
  • Carmen Pezzuto: 8-2
  • Bill O'Bryon: 0-1

Following the season Coach Nunamaker identified ways in which to build a program:

  1. Approve intramural wrestling program for 1964-65. Place program under direction of Recreation.
  2. Attend 4th National Wrestling Coaches Clinic at Wildwood Crest, NJ.
  3. Buy three sets of weights for use in school
    1. Football and wrestling can use out of season
    2. Track can use weights during season
    3. Can be used and demonstrated in Physical Education classes
  4. Chance to meet assistant coach before he is hired
  5. A heater for the wrestling room or a thermostat
  6. Complimentary tickets for parents of varsity wrestlers
  7. Parents' Night - before the season starts to acquaint the parents with the sport, go over how the matches are scored, how the weight situation is handled, elimination bouts - make open to parents, faculty, and "Varsity N"
  8. Holiday tournaments at Christmas
  9. Discuss possibility of a junior high program - main problem is facilities
  10. Ideas:
    1. Pep club, student "Varsity N"
    2. All wrestlers must attend home matches
    3. Assembly before Easton match
      1. Most people think of wrestlers as being dumb, but let me introduce the team (have them carrying stacks of books with glasses, briefcases)
      2. TV wrestling misconception

From the Lehigh Valley Interscholastic Wrestling Record Book - 14th Championship Season 1963-64

Nazareth competed in the Lehigh Valley Interscholastic Wrestling league which was comprised of the East Penn Conference (won by Phillipsburg, NJ), Lehigh-Northampton Conference (tie between Parkland and Hellertown), and Lehigh Valley I.A.A. (won by Northampton). The District XI champion that year was Dieruff.

League was formed in 1950-51 with Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Nazareth, Northampton, and Phillipsburg as the charter members.

1961-62 with new teams added in previous years, formed two divisions with 8 schools in each.

1963-64 is when the league split into three leagues.

Lehigh Northampton Scholastic Wrestling League Final Standings:

Hellertown 4-1-1 coached by Charles Bartolet, Jr.

Parkland 4-1-1 coached by William Young

Nazareth 4-2-0 coached by Ray Nunamaker

Wilson 4-2-0 coached by Al Zarbatany

Palisades 3-3-0 coached by Walt Kottmeyer

Southern Lehigh 1-5-0 coached by Dick Gross

East Stroudsburg 0-6-0 coached by Marlin Martz

Nazareth Individual Wrestlers Statistics

Carmen Pezzuto, HWT, 8-2-0 with 7 pins and 43 dual meet team points

Jim Herceg, 180, 7-3-0 with 5 pins and 35 team points

Tom Konya, 133, 7-3-0 with 4 pins and 31 team points

Tom Fehr, 127, 6-3-0 with 3 pins and 26 team points

Lon Werner, 145, 4-4-2 with 3 pins and 24 team points

Jim Hahn, 95-103, 6-4-0 with 2 pins and 23 team points

Larry Lopresti, 138, 4-1-0 with 2 pins and 16 team points

Bob Gross, 95-103, 3-4-0 with 3 pins and 16 team points

Tom Rinker, 154, 4-5-0 with 1 pin and 14 team points

Ron Klein, 165, 4-4-0 with 1 pin and 14 team points

Ricky Metz, 138, 3-2-0 with 9 team points

Frank Laurito, 112, 2-2-0 with 1 pin and 8 team points

Greg Brock, 120, 2-7-0 with 6 team points

Dave Peters, 112, 1-2-0 with 1 pin and 6 team points

Al Muth, 103, 1-0-0 with 1 pin and 5 team points

Andy Cawthon 112, 1-2-0 with 3 team points

Lou Frish, 103, 0-1-0

Charlie Brown, 120, 0-1-0

Bill O'Bryon, HWT, 0-1-0

Diehl, 103, 0-1-0

Davis, 127, 0-1-0

Smith, 138, 0-1-0

Brong, 138, 0-1-0

Quickest pin: Dave Peters, 112, pinned Lee Longenbach of Parkland in 0:17.

Nazareth led its league with 43 bouts won in league dual meets to Hellertown's 40. They also lost the fewest number of bouts at 28 to 31 by three teams. Nazareth had the most pins with 22, decisions 21, team points scored 187 and least team points scored upon 108.

Overall records: Parkland had a draw with Hellertown to finish 6-3-1, while Nazareth tied for second with Wilson at 6-4. Hellertown was 6-5-1.

Fastest pin by weight class on record for District XI: 95 pounds, Nazareth's Del Buss pinned Notre Dame's Schoeny, in 0:07 in 1960-61, which was a national record. The next fastest pin the in the district was 0:11 seconds at heavyweight.